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Summer, Summer, Summer Cocktails!

Summer is Here and So is Nolita’s Summer Cocktail Menu!

Whether you’re in for brunch with friends, getting some pre-gig drinks, enjoying a date night, or a fun night out, Nolita’s new summer cocktail menu is your go-to destination. Nestled in the heart of the city, this chic and vibrant spot promises a perfect summer evening with a selection of must-try cocktails that will leave you wanting more. Here’s what’s on offer:

1. The Italian Stallion (€14.00)

Kick off your night with The Italian Stallion, a sparkling delight that combines the zest of Limoncello and the floral notes of Elderflower Liqueur, Italicus, and Prosecco. With a hint of citrus and a splash of soda water, this bubbly, light cocktail is ideal for sipping while enjoying Nolita’s rooftop views.

2. Mean Streets (€14.00)**

For a tropical twist, try Mean Streets. This cocktail mixes Absolut Vodka with Elderflower Liqueur and Calvados VSOP, rounded off with pineapple juice, citrus, sugar, and egg whites. The result is a creamy, balanced drink with a hint of sweetness, perfect for those who enjoy a sophisticated tropical flavour.

3. Fly Me To The Moon (€14.00)

Take your taste buds on a journey with Fly Me To The Moon. This cocktail features Absolut Vanilla, Passoa, citrus, passionfruit, cherry, and wild berry soda, topped with sherbet. The blend of vanilla and passionfruit with a berry finish makes this a crowd-pleaser and a fantastic choice for a fun summer night out.

4. Public Enemy (€14.00)

Whiskey lovers will appreciate the complexity of Public Enemy. This drink brings together Jameson Black Barrel, Disaronno, chocolate bitters, and Angostura bitters, creating a rich, robust flavour profile. Perfect for those who enjoy a bold and slightly bitter cocktail with depth.

5. Five Points (€14.00)

Five Points offers a unique mix of Fuba Cachaca, Aperol, rhubarb bitters, apricot liqueur, passionfruit purée, citrus, and sugar. The combination of sweet and tart with a hint of bitterness makes it a refreshing yet sophisticated drink, ideal for those who love exploring new flavour profiles.

6. Madame St. Clair (€14.00)

For a touch of elegance, Madame St. Clair is your go-to. Absolut Vanilla and Strega blend with Limoncello, passionfruit, citrus, sugar, and Prosecco to create a sparkling, fruity cocktail. Perfect for a chic night out with friends.

7. Harlem Sunset (€14.00)

Gin enthusiasts will adore the Harlem Sunset. This cocktail mixes Beefeater Pink Gin, Amaro Montenegro, and Chambord with acid-adjusted apple juice, cinnamon & star anise syrup, raspberry, and egg whites. The result is a beautifully balanced drink with a hint of spice and fruitiness, perfect for any evening.

8. Chipilo Margarita (€14.00)

For a classic with a twist, the Chipilo Margarita combines Olmeca Altos with Italicus, sugar, citrus, and green salt. This margarita is both refreshing and slightly herbal, perfect for those who enjoy a sophisticated take on a traditional favourite.

9. Giggle Juice (€14.00)

Giggle Juice is a fun and flavourful choice. Featuring Beefeater Pink Gin, Strega, Maraschino, Campari, almond syrup, lime juice, cherry bitters, and a maraschino cherry, this cocktail is both sweet and tart with a hint of nuttiness. A great choice for a lively night out.

10. Arrivederci (€14.00)

Bid farewell to ordinary with Arrivederci. Havana Club 3yo, Aperol, Amaro Montenegro, Galliano, citrus, pineapple juice, and sugar come together to create a tropical, slightly bitter cocktail. Perfect for those who love a fruity drink with a twist.

Visit Nolita for an Unforgettable Summer Cocktail Experience

Nolita’s diverse and creative cocktail menu ensures there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for something light and bubbly or bold and exciting, Nolita has you covered. Head over to Nolita this summer and indulge in these delicious cocktails, each crafted to perfection to make your evening truly special. Cheers to a summer of great drinks, fun times, and memorable nights!


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